Islamic School of Irving Board of Directors

The ISI School Board comprises of highly qualified, talented and accomplished individuals with great vision and skill set.  The School Board is committed to being a partner with ISI Leadership in delivering services to benefit the school community at large including students, parents, staff and stakeholders.  To reach our board members, please contact

Following are our current board members (updated 8/22/2022):

Br. Hassan Hye                           President/Chair

Br. Mohammad Albaijat           Vice President/Vice Chair

Br. Ahmad Abdullah  CPA       Treasurer

Br. Vasif Shaikh                          Secretary

Br. Fysal Albaalbaki                                               

Br. Zameer Mohammad

Br Faisal Shaikh

Sr. Dua Kaylani                           PTO Chair

Dr. Leila Kayed                            Head of School