Summer Learning 2020

Summer Homework for June-July 2020:

ISI students will be given some summer learning homework.  Nothing too much, but enough to keep their skills sharp so they are ready for the next school year.  Please watch the following video on summer learning.

As we analyzed our student data this year and over the course of the last few years we found that each year there is a dip in ability when the students return from summer and this is because students are not spending any time over the summer learning and focusing on structured reading and writing.  Over the years as you saw on the video this makes a very large difference!   We are also building life long learners here at ISI and life long learners don’t stop reading and writing or sharpening their math or Quran skills just because summer rolls around.

The homework packets are shared here in this email by grade level.  Remember to go to the grade level that your child will be going into for the 2020-2021 academic year.



1st Grade:

2nd Grade:

3rd Grade:

4th Grade:

5th Grade:

6th Grade:

7th Grade:

8th Grade:

High School ELAI:

High School ELAII:

High School ELAIII:

High School ELA IV: