Asalamo Alaykum

For over 25 years, the Islamic School of Irving has played a critical role in helping Muslim students in the DFW area develop a strong Muslim identity. The Islamic school of Irving serves an important role in helping cultivate this new generation of leaders who are well-grounded in their religion and committed to serving both God and humanity. We focus on providing our students academic excellence in an Islamic environment, fostering leadership skills, responsibility, strong Islamic moral and character, Taqwa and Tawheed.

Come, join our family!

Limited Admission & Enrollment Available


Applying for admission at ISI is just a step away.  Click on the link below to fill out your child’s application for enrollment.

Due to the high volume of applications received and the limited seats available, most grade levels are on a waitlist.  Any New applications will go directly onto the waitlist.  Admissions will contact applicants directly to schedule the entrance exam upon seat availability. 

For further question regarding the waitlist, please feel free to contact Admissions by email at  Thank you.