ISI High School

The High School program is the last building block of the Islamic School of Irving in preparing the children to become productive citizens of society. The skill sets that the children have developed to this point are now combined to help them develop their own strategies and innovative ideas. This is a continued evolution that requires care and wisdom to achieve the highest potential for all students. Children are blessings from Allah (God). Our responsibility to them is to instill an awareness and dependence on Allah to live their lives. The Islamic School of Irving recognizes the innate and inherent needs of children. Our high school program strives to fulfill the needs of the child by targeting six basic areas of development: spiritual, psychological, emotional, social, physical, and cognitive development.

Program Highlights

  • Accepts students who successfully complete the Middle School Program
  • Full-Time Program
  • Open: 7:45am to 3:15pm, Monday through Friday
  • Highly qualified and certified teachers

Program Curriculum

  • Standard Texas High School Curriculum
  • Islamic Studies, Quran & Hifz, Islamiat, and Arabic
  • AP and Dual Credit Courses
  • Early College & Associates’ Degree Programs
  • Community Service and Volunteering
  • Internship & Leadership Opportunities
  • PSAT/SAT & College Preparatory
  • Graduates accepted to top universities
  • Over $3.7 Million awarded in scholarships

Advanced Placement and Dual Courses

Please refer to the following Microsoft PowerPoint file to learn more about advanced placement (AP) and dual credit courses.



For enrolling your child in High School follow the online enrollment form by clicking Enroll Now button below.  For more information call us 972-268-6716 or 972-812-2230 extension 1102.